About Padme’s Playhouse

Hello World! My name is Alycia Dianne and I am proud to present the blog page of Padme’s Playhouse. Padme’s Playhouse is a sewing adventure that I have started after having my first child, appropriately named Padme. Which came first you may ask the chicken or the egg? Well in this case the egg did, the egg being the best baby in the world. Although I may be a little biased. Padme’s Playhouse Sewing offers a wide range of products from baby toys, to clothing, to quilts. This page is all about the product, if you would like to purchase said product please visit my etsy page to do so. If you enjoy your new item please tell your friends, family, strangers you meet on the street, everyone! And thank you so much 🙂 Hope to hear from you all soon!




2 thoughts on “About Padme’s Playhouse

    • Thank you Liz 🙂 Be sure to check out my Facebook page at facebook.com/padmesplayhouse and also my etsy store at etsy.com/shop/padmesplayhouse. I tend to update them more than the blog sadly. But thank you so much for following 🙂


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