Borders and Backing and Binding.. Oh My!

The closer I get to actually quilting a quilt the more excited and impatient I become. All the blocks are finished, batting is waiting in the wings. And then I realize, “Alycia, you didn’t buy a backing fabric”. Face palm. Now, a little side note about this, I live in a VERY small community, the closest town to me is 40 miles away. Why oh why didn’t I buy the backing?!

Oh well, I still have to sew all my rows together and make my border anyway. I have my quilting design all drawn out and I’m currently final pressing my blocks to start this next sewing adventure.

This is what my day consists of at this moment.


Notice coffee. Lots and lots of coffee is what I will be living on for awhile I believe. A teething child is a restless child. This makes for very sleepy and grumpy parents. Good thing sewing is my therapy. And the fact that she is soooo cute and her smiles and noises make my whole day better.


I’ll never miss a moment to baby brag ❤

Now, onto the next topic. I know I’m not done with this quilt, but I have begun thinking about my next. I have fabric ordered for 3 more quilts, but sadly being ordered online means waiting. And with Memorial Day sales, I’m sure they got completely swamped with orders. So my mind continues to wonder. What is has been wondering is “To make a block of the month quilt, or to not make a block of the month quilt….that is the question”

Obviously I’m behind by a couple months, but I’m sure I could catch back up. Craftsy has some very amazing BOM classes I’ve been wandering through. If you havent been to craftsy yet, I would check it out. Classes, patterns, supplies, a great community, what more could you ask for? And just so we are clear, there is waaayyy more than just quilting, so if quilting isn’t your thing thats fine. Woodworking, sewing, baking, whatever, go check it out.


I believe that’s really all I have to talk about at this moment. So many decisions I’m sure I’ll say yes to. Go big or go home right?

As a final note, I’m sure you all knew was coming. Go check out etsy, still only one product up there, but spread the word. It’s a beautiful, wonderfully textured quilt lookin for some lovin’.

Front and Back 1

Padme’s Playhouse Etsy

Have a wonderful day everyone!! Much love 🙂


Family Fun Day

Yesterday was my boyfriends birthday. This means presents (for baby to open for dad), cake, and sewing time while dad plays his new video games. Padmé had so many smiles to share while she helped daddy open his present.


She wasn’t quite sure what to do when she saw the candles. And she was just itchin for a bite of cake. Too young baby, too young.


Now lets take a closer look at that cake


Yes that is a firefly cake. You should have known after reading about the Star Wars inspiration 🙂

While dad played his games this gave me a chance to get some sewing done. It was like a gift for both of us 😉

I’m working on a new quilt to put up for sale. The blocks are 96% done, I’m excited to see the finished product. Chop, piece, sew, repeat.


Definitely stay tuned for the progression. This block makes me all giddy inside. Although there are other colors, the pink just makes it pop so well. So I suppose its about time to get off of here and go and continue this quilting adventure and spend some time with my loves. I hope everyone has a fantastic day. And as usual, go check out my etsy, there may only be one product for sale now, but I promise more will be coming very shortly.

Padme’s Playhouse Etsy

Once Upon A Time. . .

The dreaded first post, so many questions, how to get started, how to get my product to millions of people, how to pronounce Padme. I’m sure thats what all of you reading this are thinking. Well lets start there, it’s pronounce (Pad-may), yes this is exactly like the star wars chick. We may or may not have named our child from a star wars reference. Does that make us super cool, or super lame? Either way.

When I became a mom my whole life changed, as I’m sure a lot of you know. I’m a full-time student and a full-time mom, but I have a baby who is just super chill and lets me get lots done during the day. This is a blessing and a curse. I sometimes find myself with way too much time on my hands. A few weeks into motherhood I broke out my trusty sewing machine that I hadn’t touched in about a year and just started sewing way too many things. Toys, quilts, clothes, there was no way my child could use all of this stuff! Also being a pretty young mom I didn’t have many friends that I could just give all the extras away to. This gave me an idea, why not try and make a little extra money to help support my amazing child. People do it everyday right?

Now just because I have “extra time” on my hands doesn’t mean I don’t work hard on my projects. I would never make anything that wasn’t good enough for my own child, and I just want to create beautiful things that people can love. That is my mission. My daughter may have been my inspiration but what keeps me going is making things that people will fall in love with and cherish for many years to come.

So please, if you happen to come across this blog, visit my store, tell me what you think, tell me what I can improve on, tell me what you would like to see me make next. Spread the word, spread the love, and come back for frequent updates.


Also check out craftsy; patterns, classes, an amazing community. Try something new!

Craftsy: Learn it, Make it