Family Fun Day

Yesterday was my boyfriends birthday. This means presents (for baby to open for dad), cake, and sewing time while dad plays his new video games. Padmé had so many smiles to share while she helped daddy open his present.


She wasn’t quite sure what to do when she saw the candles. And she was just itchin for a bite of cake. Too young baby, too young.


Now lets take a closer look at that cake


Yes that is a firefly cake. You should have known after reading about the Star Wars inspiration 🙂

While dad played his games this gave me a chance to get some sewing done. It was like a gift for both of us 😉

I’m working on a new quilt to put up for sale. The blocks are 96% done, I’m excited to see the finished product. Chop, piece, sew, repeat.


Definitely stay tuned for the progression. This block makes me all giddy inside. Although there are other colors, the pink just makes it pop so well. So I suppose its about time to get off of here and go and continue this quilting adventure and spend some time with my loves. I hope everyone has a fantastic day. And as usual, go check out my etsy, there may only be one product for sale now, but I promise more will be coming very shortly.

Padme’s Playhouse Etsy


2 thoughts on “Family Fun Day

  1. Haha! I just starting re-watching Firefly last night while I worked on binding another quilt! LOVE that show and I still can’t believe they canceled it. Beautiful block!


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