Borders and Backing and Binding.. Oh My!

The closer I get to actually quilting a quilt the more excited and impatient I become. All the blocks are finished, batting is waiting in the wings. And then I realize, “Alycia, you didn’t buy a backing fabric”. Face palm. Now, a little side note about this, I live in a VERY small community, the closest town to me is 40 miles away. Why oh why didn’t I buy the backing?!

Oh well, I still have to sew all my rows together and make my border anyway. I have my quilting design all drawn out and I’m currently final pressing my blocks to start this next sewing adventure.

This is what my day consists of at this moment.


Notice coffee. Lots and lots of coffee is what I will be living on for awhile I believe. A teething child is a restless child. This makes for very sleepy and grumpy parents. Good thing sewing is my therapy. And the fact that she is soooo cute and her smiles and noises make my whole day better.


I’ll never miss a moment to baby brag ❤

Now, onto the next topic. I know I’m not done with this quilt, but I have begun thinking about my next. I have fabric ordered for 3 more quilts, but sadly being ordered online means waiting. And with Memorial Day sales, I’m sure they got completely swamped with orders. So my mind continues to wonder. What is has been wondering is “To make a block of the month quilt, or to not make a block of the month quilt….that is the question”

Obviously I’m behind by a couple months, but I’m sure I could catch back up. Craftsy has some very amazing BOM classes I’ve been wandering through. If you havent been to craftsy yet, I would check it out. Classes, patterns, supplies, a great community, what more could you ask for? And just so we are clear, there is waaayyy more than just quilting, so if quilting isn’t your thing thats fine. Woodworking, sewing, baking, whatever, go check it out.


I believe that’s really all I have to talk about at this moment. So many decisions I’m sure I’ll say yes to. Go big or go home right?

As a final note, I’m sure you all knew was coming. Go check out etsy, still only one product up there, but spread the word. It’s a beautiful, wonderfully textured quilt lookin for some lovin’.

Front and Back 1

Padme’s Playhouse Etsy

Have a wonderful day everyone!! Much love 🙂


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