Sew much sewing… Sew little time

With the start of classes I haven’t really had much time to sew. This breaks my heart a little bit but hopefully after I fall into a groove and a schedule it will get easier. Want to know one of the hardest things to do mentally for me? Waking up at 6 AM in the Summer time.

I have managed to finish a quilt top and back that I’ve been working on. I just don’t have enough batting to get to the actual quilting stage.



Sorry that its so horribly wrinkled. It’s been in storage for a bit.

I’ve also started another quilt that I believe will be small enough to use the batting that I already have stashed away.

I just love the color that this quilt is going to be and I’m really excited to see the finished product. I guess I’m always excited for the big finish.


I’ve got a couple other projects in mind. My brain works at warp speed while my fingers can only go so fast.

Another exciting thing is my fabric that I ordered from craftsy has finally shipped! I can hardly wait for it to arrive. It’s a close 2 hour drive away now!!  That’s the beginning of 3 other projects.

A little side note, my boyfriend believes I should probably attend a quilters anonymous. He may be correct.

And now i must go get ready for classes, and paper writing, all of that fun stuff. So I hope you all have a wonderful day and happy quilting and happy blogging. 🙂

Two final notes:


Isn’t she just precious? And yes that is a huge bald spot on the side of her head. We are trying out this new style called the reverse old man.

And secondly, as always. Click the link below. Make my day, make someone elses day. Make it a great day 🙂

Padme’s Playhouse Etsy


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