Guess who got fluff mail!!!

So as I’m sure you gathered from the title, I recieved some fluff mail today! It was probably the most exciting part of my day, which isn’t really saying much since I just spent 8 hours studying contagious diseases and geography. As I drove up to my house there it was hanging on the side of the mail box. I literally broke out into a happy dance accompanied by some off key singing.

It came so quickly too, it only shipped out 2 or 3 days ago. So thank you so much Craftsy you’re the best and you made this chick very very happy.

Let's Open It Shall We?
Let’s Open It Shall We?

I pulled out some trusty scissors and let the magic happen.




So now i have almost all the fabric I need for my next 3 quilts. And then I plan on taking a break from cover quilts and moving to something else. I haven’t decided exactly what yet, but it will be some kind of quilty fun.

Sorry for the pointless blog post, I just had to share my excitement.

Happy quilting everyone! 🙂

Padme’s Playhouse Etsy


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