Finally Finished, Time to Start Again? :)

I’m finally finished with my houndstooth quilt! It’s a little bitter sweet, but I love how it looks.


The red fabric was my whole inspiration for this quilt. I just completely love how rich and vibrant it is without being fire engine.

I’m also working on another quilt, it’s never ending, and I’m okay with that.

Here is a preview.




I can’t wait to see how it all comes together. Every block is different, which is a big change for me. I wasnt exactly sure how I felt about it at first but I’m just gonna dive into head first and whatever happens happens.

So many colors and prints. I’m using the Moda Color Theory by V and Co accompanied by Kona Cotton by Robert Kaufman sandcastle. It’s giving a very interesting look, if you can’t notice there is a gradual darkening of the “geese” as they reach the outer edges.

It’s been pretty exciting also because my family has been able to get involved in the creation of these blocks. Instead of me planning out a quilt start to finish I’m been letting them choose fabric that they like and then I simply sew them together.

We’ve also created this game called “grab bag” which means that we put all the strips into a bag and then without looking we just grab four colors out. This makes for some interesting blocks but they still match, and thats the glory of fabric collections.

Of course I’ll keep everyone updated as this quilt progresses.

My life has been crazy since class started, trying to smash 16 weeks of schooling into 8 is quite the challenge. But so far it isn’t too bad. My history and geology is pretty fun and laid back, I have the same teacher for both and he is so wise and insightful and a little bit crazy. He keeps things interesting and keeps people thinking.

My Human Disease class is another story, it is interesting, it’s actually a class I was very much looking forward to taking. But it’s a class that you have to be on your A game. Notes span at least 8 pages long per class period and there is a test everyday you walk through the door. But that’s all worth it because it is so interesting and informative, and isn’t that why we go to college in the first place? it might kick my butt a little but at least I’m learning something.

Other than that there isn’t really too much going on in my life, just day to day stuff. My daughter fell asleep today cuddling with a green monkey, it was one of the cutest things I have seen. Although I may be a little biased.


Anyways, I think I’ve rambled quite enough for one blog post. Happy quilting everyone 🙂

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