Just a couple things

I finally finished my newest quilt top. I stay finally when it really only took about a week. The redundancy of the block sewing made me want to pull my hair out a little. Something that only took 10 minutes seemed to drag on for what seemed like days. I almost put it away for another time and started a different quilt.

The problem with that being I’m one of those people who work through until it’s done. If I would have put it away it quite literally would have haunted my nightmares. But now it’s all over! Well, I guess not ALL over. But block making and piecing the top together is over. 🙂 Maybe, I’m thinking about adding a border to it. Sadly I literally have no fabric left that I used for the top though so I would have to make a trip to the store and find something to work with all the colors.

Hmmmm… Well enough thinking about that. There is a quilt show currently going on in my town, this excites me to no end. And today is the day when mine and my boyfriends schedules finally mesh up and we can go! I’m so glad my boyfriend supports my obsession 🙂 I know he would rather do anything else than go to a quilt show.

I’m planning my next quilt, which has already been started. I have 2 finished quilt tops and no batting so I just keep moving until I have the means to buy some.

Well, off to get ready, little one has grown out of all her clothes and I did mention the quilt show 😉

Happy quilting everybody.


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