It’s been awhile but…

I have been so busy!!

Midterm week was last week so the week before that was full of cramming and definitions and history and geography and a bit of human disease oh my. Thankfully I survived with nothing less than 102%. I was pretty pleased with myself. But enough ego boosting.

I’ve decided to participate in a local craft show. So I’ve been creating as fast as my little fingers will allow. And to be honest my mind works at hyper speed compared to my hands.

I finished or almost finished quite a few projects.

Lets Fly South is pieced and quilted


Now you see me is pieced and ready to be quilted


As is Bear Claw


I have 4 coffee cup place Mats that need to be sandwiched.


Not a finished picture but it’s the only one I have at the moment.

4 mug rugs that are in the process of being bound…binded? Either way.

240 half square triangles in the process of being squared.


2 wandering geese table runners. 1 finished and one needed quilting.

Aaaand a lot of fabric waiting for it’s chance in the spotlight.



5 weeks left but I would say I’m off to an excellent start since I’ve accomplished all of this in the last week.

I’m feeling a little burnt out but I know it will all be worth it in the end.

My etsy store is feeling a bit neglected but I want as much product for the show as possible.

Until next time, happy quilting everyone. 🙂


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