I almost forgot

I attended the Royal Gorge Quilt Council Quilt Show a couple of weeks ago. There were some amazing quilts. I took my daughter and she had a blast looking at all the colors and designs. I just wanted to share a couple of the ones that I fell in love with.


This was the first quilt I saw when i walked through the door. I absolutely love the simplicity but also the shapes make it seem so much more without assaulting the eye.


This was a sampler quilt. I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of sampler quilts and I think I can attribute that to my OCD and having the make every symmetrical. But I loved the colors and shapes in this quilt. Even if its not my style, its still a wonderful quilt.


I can’t exactly pinpoint what I love about this one, but I do love it. The colors work so well together.


Anybody who knows me knows how much I love Hallowe’en, so to see a Hallowe’en quilt just brought out my inner child. I think I stared at this one for 10 minutes debating whether or not anyone would notice it was missing. (I’m kidding obviously) If I didn’t have a million and one things to do I would like to do nothing but Hallowe’en items for the next 6 months.


Look at this! Isn’t that beautiful? First its an interticate design, and then to throw in those fabrics. Wow, there is a lot to look at and I’m loving every single part.


This is tied as one of my favorites. I absolutely love the colors, how vibrant they are, if any of you see any of my other work, I like bright bold colors and this quilt brings them. I find this absolutely beautiful!


Now this is my absolute favorite quilt I came across. The thing was HUGE! I sat there and could imagine how many trips to the sewing machine this person had to make. How much planning and time went into this. And its absolutely fantastic! My daughter loved it too. She practically jumped out of my arms to cuddle it. Just like the Hallowe’en quilt I found myself wondering if anyone would notice the sudden disappearance. But then I got logical and how was i supposed to carry out a quilt 10 times bigger than me. Fist off how was I to get it off the hanger? I’m 5’2″….I would need a ladder and then the plan just gets messy from there.

We don’t have very many quilt shows where I’m at so even though this one was quite small it was still wonderful to see all the gorgeous things people had created. There was one quilt there someone had spent 10 years making. 10 years! I guess I find that crazy because that is half of my life.

Either way I can’t wait for the upcoming craft fair so I can check out some other crafts. Maybe there will be some fellow quilters there.

Until then happy quilting, sewing, blogging, ect. 🙂


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