Wow it’s been awhile!

Hello all! I’ve been neglecting my blog terribly but I’m going to try and get back on track. Hopefully this time I stay there.

I’ve just been so busy! Trying to start a business from nothing is seriously hard work! I’ve been growing slowly but surely, trying to work out all the kinks. And believe me there are a lot of kinks.

But I’m going to try my hardest to at least update my blog once a week (hopefully twice!) with all the goings on and with my journey of turning my passion into a business. At least that’s the plan, please don’t hate me if I stray once or twice 😉

I’ve learned a lot in my short time though, and although sometimes I get discouraged and think to myself “is this really going to be worth it?” I know it will take time. This is my passion, this is my dream, and I want my daughter to grow up and see her mother strive and work hard for something that she really believes in and loves.

I’ve also been trying to build up my inventory. It’s been like a one-woman sweatshop over here. And those with kids will understand, being a mom is an amazing job, one I wouldn’t trade for the world, but man those kids will keep you BUSY!

I want Padmé to grow up knowing that she really can do anything she sets her mind to. If she has a passion I want her to pursue that passion without holding back and without fear of failure.

But now let’s talk about the fun stuff! About the crafty stuff! I’m in the middle of creating my very first Bargello Quilt. I find these types of quilts absolutely gorgeous and I must admit, “My name is Alycia and I’m a bargello addict.” So many strips and so much cutting but soooo beautiful. I can’t wait to see it all finished.

I’m also in the middle of getting ready for another craft show. I’m not sure if I ever talked about my first craft show that I participated in last month. It was successful in the aspect that I made enough money to come out in the profit. I also met a lot of other crafters that helped me out a lot with their feedback and perspective. It was a very small show so I’m happy with the outcome. Especially for it being my very first one. I learned a lot from it and now I’m a lot more prepared for the next one.

Questions I was blindsided by I now have definitive answers for. I have a set up that I like for my booth and it’s only going to get better and easier from here.

The next show is a holiday one so I’m pretty excited seeing as my inventory is at least 60% holiday items.

But I think that that’s enough for one blog post. I hope all you who read this will stick around and join me on my journey and also leave me some feedback. Check out my shop, give me some tips, I’m brand new at this I know it’s not all perfect. I am far from a professional and I can learn from those of you who are customers, business owners, or just people who have some suggestions.

Thank you so much for reading and happy crafting! Check out my pages, I’m actually very active on them. I promise next time there will be pictures! Incentive to come back 😉





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